Thursday, January 29, 2009


THE OLD MAN (old nature): refers to that nature every person is born into the world with--a nature that instinctively sins. As a race, we received this nature at birth because the parents of all humanity, Adam and Eve, were sinners when they began to produce children. Sinners begat more sinners. Jesus said (John 3:3-6) that we must be Born Again and thus receive a NEW NATURE which is alive unto God through faith in Jesus Christ. The new nature is spiritually alive while the old sinful nature is dead spiritually because of sin and its penalty. The old nature seeks to please its own desires while the new nature seeks to please God. It should be noted that the physical body still has the old nature present so that every christian has a battle between these two natures going on inside them. God has given His Holy Spirit to indwell every believer so that we have help in living after the new nature in order to glorify God in this world.

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